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Covid-19 Update 30/06/2020 
Chinaka will be open for business travel and will adhere to the strictest protocols for your safety and ours.
As per SATSA

In the absence of official written clarity declaring the contrary, SATSA supports the position taken by the Tourism Business Council of South Africa on the interpretation of advanced Level 3 regulations that “formally accredited and licenced accommodation” be allowed to operate for intra-provincial (within province) domestic leisure travel.

“As is good and proper, we fully endorse the position of and take our lead from the TBCSA, our apex association, with which we have been working closely throughout this COVID-19 crisis,” says David Frost.

According to the TBCSA, there is lack of clarity regarding the interpretation of the recently released COGTA regulations. The interpretation the TBCSA has taken is that intra-provincial domestic leisure overnight stays (excluding home-sharing) is acceptable, provided the requisite health and safety protocols are instituted by accommodation establishments.

“Until we have written confirmation to the contrary, we are entitled to this interpretation and will operate within the regulations we have received,” confirms TBCSA CEO Tshifhiwa Tshivenghwa.

With the phased reopening of tourism, it is essential that we balance saving lives and preserving livelihoods. “We are sensitive to the absolute critical balance needed to control the spread of COVID-19 to save lives, while also trying to save the over 1.15 million jobs that are at risk if the Tourism Sector does not reopen before the end of the year,” says Frost.

As the President announced in his address on 17 June: “There is a limit to how long these businesses can be closed” but our reopening must be underpinned by the stringent health and safety protocols we have developed as an industry, through the TBCSA, and based on international best practice to safeguard our staff and guests.

“We are aligned as industry to implement, fine tune and improve on the operating protocols that we have developed as we lobby for a phased reopening of international inbound tourism as close to September as possible, thus delivering on the President’s call to balance lives and livelihoods,” concludes Frost.

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