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About Us

"Chinaka means “God decides” in Igbo


Game Lodge is one of the oldest lodges in 

Vivo, Limpopo South Africa.

Officially opened in 2000.

We are a family owned lodge - where our staff are considered family.

We  go the extra mile for each and every client.

We Welcome YOU to Chinaka Game Lodge


Our Story

A highlight was to be ready for the full solar eclipse of 4th December 2002 where many travelers from around the world gathered to our area to view the solar eclipse, which lasted over 5 minutes.  

As the moon blocked out the sun an eerie silence came about the bushveld, no bird or animal was to be heard. Was this a sign, a sign of good things to come?

I personally think it was, as Chinaka grew from a little unknown lodge to one of the best known lodges in the area. 

Meet The Team

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